Tendencias de Moda

Universidad Iberoamericana

Trend Hunting Conference 6-8 as well

If you can’t make it to the 4-6 session there is another one from 6-8 at the same place.


Slash/Slash Generation & El Milagro de la Marca

Here are the readings that I would like you to do for next week (Jueves):

El Milagro de la Marca

Slash/Slash Generation

The two below are for the following weeks

Monocle Shopping Forecast


Also, for next Tuesday, I want you to bring an image of your favorite (or any) artwork.

Gap Recycled Denim Contest


Mexico City Cool

Here is a link to an article that exemplifies the different things that I was talking about on Tuesday.


Generation Mex
Published: September 22, 2010
An enterprising creative class is putting Mexico City on the cultural map.

This week’s readings

Rich Florida Urban Density & CreativityPDF

My DissertationPDF

New York Fashion Week and New York Times Stylist Contest

Here is a link to a contest that maybe some of you could win.  You have to style someone on the computer using the clothes of Prabal Gurung.

Have fun and remember that the winner gets to go to New York in February for his next show!


T Magazine: Prabal Gurung | First Look Challenge
Published: September 9, 2010
Play high-fashion stylist and put together looks with the images from Prabal Gurung’s collection.

Updated version of the reading that should be clearer

Here is an updated version of the reading that should be clearer.

youth-culture-subcultures-and-style smaller size

Readings for this week

This week we are looking at the connections between Art and Fashion.

The first article gives you a good overview of the debate

art Vs. design — AIGA | the professional association for design

and the second one as well.

Moda y Arte Vanguardia

This article explains the design and idea behind the Prada Epicenter in New York

Prada Epicenter

In a related theme that will lead us into next week, is about how we brand ourselves and do a little bit of everything.

Slash/Slash Generation

This last article is a comment about the current state of fashion photography:

Jason Evans The Artist Formerly Known As Fashion Photography

And for next week, we will be looking at branding and its role in trends.  To prepare please read the following:

El Milagro de la Marca

Here’s the link to the video I mentioned in class

The Merchants of Cool:


Essay Details

Essay Assignment

Above are the details for the essay if you need them again.

Trends Page Assignment

Trends Page: DUE: May 6th


As one of our concluding assignments, I want you to, in a group, create a trend page. This should show your ability to apply, to an activity, the concepts that we’ve learned this semester.

Basically, you will be like magazine editors and create a ‘page’ based on a certain idea/concept – such as: Blue, Denim, Bling, Boho chic, Retro, etc…

If you look closely at the trend pages of magazines, then you will see that they usually include several different elements.

An historical reference: maybe the origin of the trend (1960s or 70s) or something, a place (Nice) for example, that inspired the trend.
An individual who embodies the trend – usually a celebrity or interesting person, present day or in the past.
Current examples: How is the trend present in today’s world? What are some specific examples of the trend? What designers are using it?
A text that explains it all.

So, these are the things that I will be looking for as well.

All elements are present (History, individual, current, text)
Well designed and presented nicely,
Effort (this is to be done in groups, so it should be magazine quality)(Presented to class)

For help view the Stylista show (surfthechannel.com) and magazines.

Shopping Analysis

Hello All,

We will be meeting at 18:00 Thursday in front of Saks inside on the Planta Baja.

Here are the details of what I want you to do:

I would like you to go into at least 5 stores, including Saks Fifth Avenue. I would like you to visit a combination of Mexican stores and international brands.  They don’t all have to be clothing stores.

I want you to be aware of the music they were playing, the lighting, the way the clothes were displayed, and the service you received – how did the shop attendant treat you?

I also want you be aware of the way you move through the store.

Lastly, I want you to think about the things that we’ve been talking about in class – paying special attention to what Mary Queen of Shops says and also Monocle.

Please write a response to this experience, telling me about your reactions and thoughts and bring it for next class.

Readings about shopping with assignment


Due to the platica I would like you to do the following to be handed in – each section should be about a paragraph long.

1) Your thoughts about the platica

2) A review of the reading – El milagro de la marca

3) Read the following about shopping and comment on it.

Monocle Shopping Forecast

Monocle Buying Trends

We will be commenting on these and branding when we return from semana santa

Reading for Thursday 25th of March

Here is the reading:

El Milagro de la Marca

It is for next Thursday.  Make sure you are ready to explain the different sections to class!

Things for this week:

Hello All,

Due to the Dia C celebration and the fact that I’m giving you a head start on the puente we won’t be having class this week.  So, I’m sending you the work that I would like you to do.  Both works will be due the Tuesday that we come back, March 16th.

1) Readings:  Here is a link to the first reading about art and design:


The others I have attached: They include: The Slash/Slash generation, an insight into Vanessa Beecroft’s work and another that I will be sending to you tomorrow.

2) Art and Design:  The second thing that I would like you to do is a project that combines the fields of art and design.  The first thing I would like you to do is to choose an artist, it can be any artist – please email me your artist at some point this week.  Then I would like you to create a design object based on the artist’s work.  It can be anything – a tshirt, dress, a maqueta, a poster, but the connection should be clearly stated.

Remember the Yves Saint Laurent dress inspired by Piet Mondrian’s painting.

Lastly, write a paragraph explaining why you chose that artist and what you’re object is.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me.



‘cool’ item for Tuesday

For Tuesday I would like you to bring your ‘cool’ item of Mexico City:  Something that is ‘in’.  It can be a flyer, logo, the item, whatever you like. To get inspiration for this, here is my reference for this.


To check out their website go to:



Here are the readings I want you to do for Thursday.

Rich Florida Urban Density & Creativity

And, my essay.  To see a selection of the photos go to http://www.jeremyclouser.com/index.php?/projects/people-i-didnt-know/

People I Didn’t Know


Here are the details for next week’s work

The first is the reading about Youth, Subculture and Style.  We broke it down into different pages.  You can do this in partners.  In order to understand it all, you should read it all, but you will be responsible to present one or two pages to the class. Bring a short, one or two paragraph, summary with you.

Also, your designer and subculture assignment.  The object of this work is to see how designers take inspiration from various subcultures.  What I want you to do first is research/find a designer who has taken inspiration from a subculture.  Next, I want you to find some images that illustrate this fact. One or two that show the subculture and one or two that show the clear influence of the designer.

Next, I would like you to write a summary of the subculture and then your ideas and thoughts about the connection/influences.

email me with any questions (don’t forget to refer to the syllabus for my contact info.).

Welcome and here are the readings…

Hello to the this new semester.

I will be putting readings and assignments on this pages.

Here is the first one that I want you to read for Thursday.

All the world’s a stage… by Shakespeare

All the world’s a stage

An introduction to the Presentation of Self by Erving Goffman

Presentation of Self

And, some articles/essays that reference today’s discussion about what is good design and originality.

Good Design Dwell

Originality and design

and for the upcoming week(s) I will like you to read the following,

Youth Culture Subcultures and Style

Do clothes speak?

Groups and Subcultures

and a link to snoopdogg.com

Santa Fe Shopping Analysis

Santa Fe Shopping Analysis

I would like you to go into at least 5 stores and Saks Fifth Avenue.

I want you to be aware of the music they were playing, the lighting, the way the clothes were displayed, and the service you received – how did the shop attendant treat you?

I also want you be aware of the way you move through the store.  Lastly, I want you to think about the things that we’ve been talking about in class – paying special attention to what Mary Queen of Shops says and also Monocle.

Please write a response to this experience and bring it for next class.

Creating your brand

For those of you who weren’t in class:  I would like you to do the following, Create you own brand.

  • Come up with a brand Name
  • A logo
  • 5 words that describe your company
  • What products are you going to create
  • Who is going to  be your market (who is going to buy your product)
  • A created image (a collage, drawing) that embodies your brand.

Shopping Analysis Santa Fe

Next Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2009. we will be going to Santa Fe to analyze shops and the brands that they carry.

In order to prepare for this I would like you to read the following from Monocle Magazine and their analysis of shopping.


Monocle shopping

Videos to watch for Nov.11.2009

Here are the links to the videos that I want you to watch:

Write a response about the two videos, paying close attention to how brands are integrated.

American Apparel Video


And, Mary Queen of Charity Shops


essay & design object assignment due November 24th

Here are the details of the essay assignment and final design project.

Essay & Design Object Assignment

Reading for Next Class

The First is about the Slash/Slash Generation

Slash/Slash Generation

and an introduction to branding.

Adam Arvidsson Intro Brands Meaning and Value in Media Culture

and for next week we’ll be reading the following:

El Milagro de la Marca by Guillaume Erner



An interesting article about branding, merchandise and cool.


Art and Design

Here are the articles that I would like you to read through.

Moda y Arte Vanguardia

Vanessa Beecroft

Art and Design Print Mag (these readings will be posted in a couple of hours)

Also, remember your creative assignment:

Choose an artwork, and create a design – a drawing or the actual thing (the actual thing I like more) and bring it to class for Thursday of next week. (22)

Fashion Photography Reading

Here is the reading I would like you to do for next Tuesday (20)

Jason Evans The Artist Formerly Known As Fashion Photography

And, for this Thursday (15) we will be having another talk – I will put the room number here and on the door.

Test Questions

Here are the questions that I would like you to answer for the next class.  Remember to include details and examples and write fully thought out answers.  Pueden contestar en español.

Also, don’t forget about your subculture presentations!

1. What is culture and how is it related to fashion? Make reference to our definitions of fashion
2. Explain to me the ideas behind the presentation of self and how that would relate to a class
about fashion? Who do we dress for? Do clothes speak?

3. What is a subculture and how does it relate to the ideas associated with ‘the group’? Also,
discuss when a subculture ceases to be a subculture (or argue otherwise) and make reference
to video we saw, ‘Merchants of Cool’.

4. Why is density important to creativity?  Also, in your answer explain to me the significance
of analyzing cities when studying fashion?

No Class on Thursday, Sept. 10, 2009

Due to a work obligation I’m not able to come to class Thursday night, Sept. 10, 2009.

As a result, I would like you to do the following (printed) for Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2009.

1) A Street Fashion photograph (printed out on your computer), accompanied by a set of questions asking that individual about their style.  An example may be, What do you think of when you get dressed in the morning?

Here are some link to some sites that should give you some ideas:



2) I want you to read the following article:

Fashionista Paris


which profiles Jean Paul Gualtier’s places in Paris that have influenced him throughout his life and career. I then want you to visit http://www.style.com/fashionshows/review/F2009RTW-JPGAULTI and check out photos from his runway shows.  I then want you to write a couple of paragraphs about both websites and I want you to try and see if you ‘can see’ the article in his clothes – in other words, are there obvious references to Paris in his designs.

Bring this for next Tuesday.